Photograph by Kaya O’Hearn

Photograph by Kaya O’Hearn

Vera is a lettering artist and designer currently based in Toronto, Canada. She combines expressive and intricate lettering style with illustrative elements and animation, to create artwork that is eye-catching, playful and legible.

With over 10 years of experience working in creative industry, Vera was exposed to different areas of graphic design. She has done work for brands, corporate events, campaigns, and more. However, in 2015 Vera discovered a new niche of design, lettering, and immediately fell in love with it. Ever since she's been working on perfecting the craft through various client and personal projects. 

Vera believes in getting better through working on passion projects. Her Sans Serifs Dressed in Fancy Serifs is an expressive illustrative alphabet collection that is available for purchase through  Handmadefont. 

As a lover of language and words, Vera is working on an ongoing passion project ArtWord of the Weekan illustrated collection of uncommon English words. Every week she illustrates a new uncommon English word and posts it on her Instagram and Tumblr account. Be sure to check it out, especially if you like expanding your vocabulary in a beautiful and creative way. 

Vera’s work was featured at the Swash & Serif 5 , lettering and typography exhibition in Toronto. Three of her pieces were included, amongst 73 other artists from around the world, “Fuck Luck”, “I Like it Complicated” and “Love - Converse Shoes”.

Vera was honoured to be featured in the Ballpit Magazine and The Lettering Guy Blog.


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